On May 29th 2012, Vincent Wehren moved to Bing to manage the Bing Webmaster Tools program.

Prior to moving to Bing, Vincent was an inhouse SEO ans Site Search specialist working at Microsoft with Windows.com (http://windows.microsoft.com), the companion site to Microsoft Windows, Windows Internet Explorer and other Windows-related technologies.

Vincent has 7 years of SEO, Site Search and Site Navigation experience, working previously on Office.com (http://office.microsoft.com), the companion site to Microsoft Office, where  he worked on SEO strategies, Search Curation & Federation, Search Relevancy & Indexation for Bing Site Search & FAST Enterprise Search integration, and lead a team of International Project Engineers.

In addition to Search, Vincent has 10+ years of globalization and language technology expertise, both as Group Lead to developers and localizers (L10N)  team (6 yrs) as well as individual contributor.

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